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Coming in Portal 2.6 

FeatureSupply tab - includes the ability for staff to an existing electronic document or file to a request, select a Supply As code, e.g., Photocopy No Scan and specify the number of pages in a document (for invoicing purposes)
3654FeaturePatron/library pages - add a new status = Renewed
3627FeatureUnfilled - when a staff member updates an ISO request with a Reason Unfiled code send an Expiry message to the current supplier

Portal 2.5.1 - May 11, 2017

375932930BugWhen displaying a request to the requester and a link is configured for the status, e.g., to take the user to a My Account page elsewhere, the link was not displaying correctly in the line in the Request Grid while it does display correct in the details of the request.  
3745, 375132735, 32690Bug

Issues with response time and batch processing.  In particular, when entering numbers using a barcode reader or wand, the end of the number was sometimes cut off, staff experienced timeout errors and when using the batch or retain option in the Unfilled tab some requests were not updated.  

366932526BugThe "forgot my password' link on Portal 2.5 results in a black screen
BugIn Query when using Date Submitted, it was possible to select a date in the future.
367032540ChangeAdd request pages - the mask for the Max Cost field is removed.
FeatureIn D2D, if you have configured to auto-fill the barcode with the request number when updating requests as Receive Loan (LON) the update is now processed automatically.
FeatureIn D2D, when updating a request as Complete (RET), the option to send a Returned message to the patron is now available.
FeatureWhen using the redirect option in Discovery it is now possible to send across an OpenURL.  Relais will reformat the OpenURL into a CCL query that can be passed into Discovery to trigger a search. 
368332565FeatureWhen working in a shared system, staff at the requesting library and at the current supplying library are the only ones that are allowed to update requests.  Staff from other libraries may view the request and have the option to add a note.

Portal 2.5 hotfix 3 - Feb 17, 2017

When logging using URL parameters an application error dialog window displays briefly. The login process is not hindered but the error is confusing to users.

In the Add Request pages when the delivery method and/or messaging method fields and the corresponding address fields are hidden an error is being displayed to the requester.  

Portal 2.5 hotfix 2 - Feb 6, 2017

ILLBug371632526An error displays when patron records are added to or updated in Relais ‘on the fly’ using data provided via an OpenURL

Portal 2.5 hotfix - Jan 10, 2017





The "forgot my password' link on Portal 2.5 results in a blank screen

Portal 2.5 bug fixes and updates - Jan 4, 2017

The following is in addition to the introduction of Query, the Loan, Unfilled and Bib Info tabs. 



When not using the login and password from the patron's Relais record, for example if using NCIP and using the patron's surname as one of the login credentials, it is now possible to configure an appropriate maximum length for the field.  Previously the maximum length for any login credentials was set at 20 characters. 



In the Add Request pages, if a Bibliography number is entered then a Bibliography must be selected from the drop down.  Previously it was possible to enter a number without selecting a corresponding bibliography.



In the Add Request pages only numbers can be used for the Max Cost.  Previously if other characters such as $ were entered via copy and paste an error displayed. 



When using the OpenURL non-standard language codes (ISO639_2) no longer generate an error.



The two ISSN and ISBN fields have been separated.   See the screen shots on the Add Requests page

It is now possible to display only the first ISSN (or ISBN) and hide the second.  Previously the display of the ISSN fields was causing problems for requesters and it was not possible to hide display only the first ISSN and hide the second ISSN. 

Customers who had hidden the ISSN or ISBN previously and would now like to display these fields again please contact Relais Support


Configuration on the Portal pages can now be done based on the patron type.



It is now possible to use OpenURL to create a patron record on the fly.  For example if using a 3rd party system for authentication and not using NCIP to retrieve patron information from you local library system, you can send patron information as part of the OpenURL - this information is used to create a skeletal patron record if one does not already exist in Relais. For more information see the OpenURL parameters page.

Portal 2.4.1 bug fixes and updates - Jan 18, 2016

ILL243028985BugFixed. In System & National Bib Num if a selection is made the field becomes mandatory however if I change the selection back to None the field remains mandatory 
D2D245528996BugFixed. In D2D when a library is set to inactive, new patrons from that library are not able to login to Discovery or My Account.
ChangeIn the email template for the confirmation message the label for the Author token is now Author/Editor

The patron id / library symbol is displayed as part of the audit notes when a request is added via the Relais Portal. For example:

Received ILL Request from: PATRON1

Received ILL Request from:  OORII

ChangeWhen duplicate checking is turned on in Add Request the default message displayed when a duplicate request is added has been updated to "This is a duplicate request. Duplicate requests cannot be submitted."
ILL2393, 2400, 2402
ChangeA series of changes to various defaults have been made to simplify the configuration process. For example, hide the My Profile option in the side menu, hide the Help links

In the Add Request web service do not update ID_DELIVERY.date_processed

For customers using RapidILL, the updating of date_processed was causing requests that had been sent to RapidILL to be updated incorrectly and sending "filled" emails to patrons in error.


It must be possible to allow the requester to NOT set a Need by Date

See Need by Date for configuration options

D2D/ILL2194, 2187
FeatureIn the email template for the confirmation message add the Request Number token as an option in the body of the message and remove the library symbol as part of the default
FeatureIn the Authentication service more detailed error messages are returned.
FeatureAdd the option to support multiple acknowledgement statements on the Add Request page

Portal 2.4 bug fixes and updates - Oct 5, 2015 


New version of Add Request web service (used to create requests submitted via the Relais Portal page into the Relais database)

  • The Add Request web service has been migrated to the Relais Portal environment. For Relais ILL customers, all requests entered via the Relais Portal pages are using this new version of Add Request to add requests into the Relais database. This includes the logic that assigns the request number, request type and process for a new request. Patrons and libraries using the Relais Portal pages will not see any change in the way their requests are entered or in the way the request number is displayed once the request has been entered into the Relais database. Patrons and libraries will continue to receive a confirmation email as in the past.

Option to hide Delivery Method on the Add Request pages

  • It is now possible to hide the Delivery Method drop down box on the Add Request pages (this was not possible in previous versions of the Relais Portal). For example if you want to force all requests for copies to be delivered via Post to Web it is now possible to set this as the default and hide this field on the Add Request pages therefore preventing your patrons from selecting any other delivery option.  
  • See Add Request configuration for more details for this option.
1221 26415Feature

On the Add Request pages, add an option to set the earliest Need by Date a number of days in the future

  • In earlier version of the Portal if the Need by Date were displayed on the Add Request pages it was possible for the requester to select the current date as the Need by Date for a request. A new configuration option is now available that allows a number of days to be added to the current date, the resulting date is used as the earliest Need by Date the requester can select. For example if 3 days is configured as the offset for request for copies from libraries and today is October 5, then the earliest date the requesting library can select as the Need by Date is October 8. Different numbers of days can be configured for requests for copies and loans as well as for requests from patrons and libraries.
  • By default this value is set to 0 (zero). See Add Request - Need by Date for more configuration details and how to request this option be activated.


Option to identify duplicate requests submitted via the Add Request pages

  • Options to identify when patrons and libraries submit duplicate requests via the Add Request pages are now available this includes how to handle duplicate requests when they are identified. 
  • By default no duplication options are configured, therefore no checking for duplicate requests is done. See Add Requests - duplicate checking for more information, configuration options and how to request duplicate checking be turned on.


Enhanced security options for sending patron credentials to the Relais Portal pages

Portal 2.2.1 bug fixes and updates - April 24, 2015 

BugAudit History is not honouring string line breaks and tab
BugThe order of the entries in the Department drop down box is not in alphabetical order (for the default language description, i.e., English)

The request templates used by other libraries have been updated to display the Supplying Library drop down. This will ensure that a default supplier is added to the request at the time it is added to the Relais database.

FeatureIn a multilingual system, display the appropriate language description for Stat Location, Stat Function and Exception
FeatureAdd the reject code description to the end of the Status: Unfilled field in Request Detail
FeatureIn the My Request grid make sure all the information in the right hand column is visible, sometimes the scroll bar hides it
108325573FeatureIn the Contact Library Staff message include information about the requester
FeatureOn the Login page allow the user to select their preferred language 

Portal 2.2 bug fixes and updates - Jan 30, 2015

BugWhen adding a request and when entering a value for Max Cost greater than NNNN.NN an error displays. 
63924971BugWhen using ESIP for circulation updates an error is being generated
BugWhen a request is received via OpenURL and the user clicks Reset, the non-editable fields become editable
BugIn OpenURL - values from the rft_id=doi.... tag are not populating Additional Numbers / Letters
ChangeOn the request form make Local Location always hidden (by default)
ChangeMake Date Submitted always hidden (by default)

In Request Detail add Status Date as one of the elements displayed. For example

21723844FeatureAllow staff to retrieve requests using the partner library's barcode
33424002FeatureSupport for a way for a patron/library to request their password if forgotten
FeatureWhen a request is received via OpenURL use the value in the genre tag, (e.g., bookitem, proceeding) to determine which request form to display
FeatureIn OpenURL if spage or epage is present but the other is not then use whatever value is available
FeatureSupport for more text/link options on the Login page
FeatureSupport for passing the routing list created in Discovery to the Relais request form 
57224937FeatureSupport for Kuali OLE CheckinItem NCIP message
FeatureSupport for Kuali OLE LookupUser NCIP message
FeatureSupport for Kuali OLE CheckOutItem NCIP message
FeatureSupport for Kuali OLE AcceptItem NCIP message
69324914FeatureIn OpenURL support for the rfr_id tag
FeatureIn OpenURL add support for the SID tag to indicate the request source, e.g., Relais Portal or Discovery
FeatureIn OpenURL support for pubdate for specific genres, e.g., book
FeatureAdd Locations field to the request template
FeatureRealign the request form acknowledgement check box when the text is longer than 1 line and move the asterisk to the right of the acknowledgement check box
FeatureSupport configuration of multiple unit libraries when a library is using NCIP.
97725802FeatureIn Add Request - Need by Date, prevent the requester from entering a date in the past.  
FeatureIn OpenURL, when genre = dissertation, display the Thesis request template
FeatureAutomatically update the year in the footer

Portal 2.1.2 update - released on Nov 28, 2014

FeatureWhen a patron authenticates via NCIP and then submits a request, pass through the correct token(s) to the Add Request web service (the mechanism that adds the request to the Relais database)

Portal 2.1.1 updates and bug fixes - released on Nov 28, 2014

BugIn the French User Interface, on the Cancel popup box the cancel button is missing
BugThe "Date Submitted", "Need by Date" and "Expiry Date" fields are filled with the current date on the Add Request page.
FeatureAdd the option to specify where to go on expiry (the same as with Logout)
FeatureFor Post to Web delivery, support the option to require the patron to Login and display a Terms of Use Statement
FeatureWhen requests are updated as Return/Complete Loan, generate the Returned/Checked-in ISO messages as appropriate.
FeatureWhen a library or patron record specifies a default value for 'max days' use this to calculate and display the Need by Date on the request form
FeatureWhen a library or patron record specifies a default value for 'max cost' use this to calculate and display the Max Cost on the request form
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