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  • Request Number = the unique Relais request number
  • Title = title of the publication 
  • Author = author of the publication
  • Submitted On = the date and time the request was submitted
  • Need Before = the need by date specified by the requester
  • Due Date = for items on loan, the due date
  • Article Link = for items sent via Post to Web, the link to the article
  • Status Date = the date and time the request was updated to the current status
  • Status = the current status of the request, possibles statuses are:
    • Submitted - the request has been submitted
    • In Process - staff is working on the request
    • Shipped - in a shared system, a loan has been shipped from one member library to another
    • Unfilled - the request has been updated with a reject code since the item cannot be supplied
    • Cancelled- the requester has cancelled the request
    • Article Sent - the document has been sent to the requester
    • On Loan - the item is currently on loan to the requester (Loan Status = "LON, REF, RFS")
    • Overdue - the item on loan to the requester is overdue (Loan Status = "OV1, OV2, OV3, FIN")
    • Renewed - the item on loan to the requester has been renewed (Loan Status = "REN, RNS")
    • Recalled - the item on loan to the requester has been recalled (Loan Status = "REC, RES")
    • Complete - the item on loan to the request requester has been updated as returned, damaged or lostlost, etc. (Loan Status = "DAM, DST, LOS, MIS, RET, REW")

The requester can sort in ascending or descending order by clicking on any of the column headings.