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Coming in Portal 2.6 

FeatureSupply tab - includes the ability for staff to an existing electronic document or file to a request, select a Supply As code, e.g., Photocopy No Scan and specify the number of pages in a document (for invoicing purposes)
3654FeaturePatron/library pages - add a new status = Renewed
3627FeatureUnfilled - when a staff member updates an ISO request with a Reason Unfiled code send an Expiry message to the current supplier

Portal 2.5.1 - May 11, 2017

375932930BugWhen displaying a request to the requester and a link is configured for the status, e.g., to take the user to a My Account page elsewhere, the link was not displaying correctly in the line in the Request Grid while it does display correct in the details of the request.  
3745, 375132735, 32690Bug

Issues with response time and batch processing.  In particular, when entering numbers using a barcode reader or wand, the end of the number was sometimes cut off, staff experienced timeout errors and when using the batch or retain option in the Unfilled tab some requests were not updated.  

366932526BugThe "forgot my password' link on Portal 2.5 results in a black screen
BugIn Query when using Date Submitted, it was possible to select a date in the future.
367032540ChangeAdd request pages - the mask for the Max Cost field is removed.
FeatureIn D2D, if you have configured to auto-fill the barcode with the request number when updating requests as Receive Loan (LON) the update is now processed automatically.
FeatureIn D2D, when updating a request as Complete (RET), the option to send a Returned message to the patron is now available.
FeatureWhen using the redirect option in Discovery it is now possible to send across an OpenURL.  Relais will reformat the OpenURL into a CCL query that can be passed into Discovery to trigger a search. 
368332565FeatureWhen working in a shared system, staff at the requesting library and at the current supplying library are the only ones that are allowed to update requests.  Staff from other libraries may view the request and have the option to add a note.

Portal 2.5 hotfix 3 - Feb 17, 2017